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  1 month ago

Lisa Wilkinson.

I am sure that you have all read/heard of Wilkinson being in a great deal of trouble after her Logie Speech where she thanked Brittaney Higgins (the alleged rape victim) for her Gold Logie. As a result of Wilkinson's actions the rape trial of Higgins, accuser has been deferred until later in the year. I am sick of Journos and other high profile people, airing their opinions, often to the detriment of whom they think that they are helping. Can you think of any other examples of things like this happening? Do you think that Wilkinson should be charged with some form of obstruction of Justice? She was warned not to say this, in her acceptance speech? Today, Journalists have come out and commented that she was so very wrong. Love to see your opinions. Thank you.


  1 month ago
Attention seeker. I don't like her anymore Reply


  1 month ago
Lisa loves the limelight - just maybe this time she should have kept her mouth shut until the trial was heard. I always thought you were presumed innocent until proven guilty. This young man has been hung out to dry as guilty by the media before he can have his day in court. At this stage no one knows what truly happened so Lisa should be charged with obstruction or contempt of court in my view. Reply


  1 month ago
OK for starters when someone is charged with a offense the media in that Jurisdiction can not report on the story or make claims but Media outside that Jurisdiction can report the story in any way that they wish.
Previously stories about Chopper Reid where reported AU Wide except in Victoria where they had laid charges and this was never a problem. In the Wilkinson Story she made a speech receiving a award on the Gold Coast in Queersland which had been approved by the legal team for the place she worked and the runners of the Award Ceremony simply because it was not in the ACT where the case was to be heard so she did nothing wrong.
The Media as a whole on the other hand is a different beast they have been allowed to consolidate to such an extent that the various Mastheads and TV Stations only have 1 reporter each which they send every story AU Wide so you get the problem where one reporter or more sees their chance at getting a Walkley Award fly out the window and get dirty that it was not them who did that story and write an Opinion Piece deriding the person who they see as taking away their chance of getting a much sort after Award and be considered as a REAL JURNOLIST not a hack and that gets run in every State and Terrority in their owners Mastheads or Stations or whatever then picked up by the various Radio Stations and repeated. Now when this happens in this case in the ACT it is not the person who made the speech who has done wrong but those papers, TV Stations and Radio not the mention Antisocial Media Sites who are in breach of the Laws and it is them who should be held in Contempt for ignoring in this case the ACT Laws.
Until you are prepared to enact a Federal Law that any person charged with any offence can not be talked about by any form of media in this country things like this are going to continue happening and be a nuisance to the courts of the Various Jusistrictions simply because previous Federal Governments have allowed the media ownership to be compacted to such a tight situation and Antisocial Media is continued to be allowed to run out of control all over the place without the slightest restriction involved.
Most of the stories over this case have been by people dirty that they have lost their chance for a Walkley and a case of Monkey See Monkey Do by other reporters who think that they can jump on the bandwagon and build up resentment for their own personal satisfaction/gain.
Court Schedules are very flexible with many things causing them to change at very short notice so you may get a subpoena to give evidence in a case and that can be anywhere in a 2 year period of time as courts can run longer in one case than expected where lots of witnesses are called or they can be as short as 5 minutes for a hearing set out for 8 weeks because the defendant on the day changes their plea to Guilty when they first appear in the court for the set hearing.
This particular case while not good just shows how out of control the Media in AU actually is and how they treat the Courts with Total Contempt by reporting in Jurisdictions which hearings are to be held or are being held. After all it is not the first time a hearing has been halted and rerun because of a Newspaper or TV Story being reported while a case was being heard .In this particular case it was a great event for the Defendant to claim that they will never get a fair hearing because the Media Pack went FERAL trying to devour one of their own who was high in the running for the top award possible and many where dirty that they did not think it worthwhile to even look at the story so they had lost all hope of being nominated for that award this year.
There have only been a few cases where a Federal Crime is being heard so all the media in this country can not report on it so you get the situation where Foreign Media can beam stories into this country along with Antisocial Media where as the Local media can not report a single word about anything related to the hearing or even that there is a hearing actually running. Doesn't happen often but when it does it shows just how ineffective Contempt Charges actually are when it comes to the Media.


  1 month ago
In the interests of fairness perhaps we could also hold Brittany Higgins in contempt because she has commented on the case publicly on multiple occasions including making the initial allegation - holy crap she's the alleged victim...................... serves her right - I'm sure she'll get a fair crack in court - alleged rape victims are always dealt with so fairly in todays modern world - unfortunately history tends to disagree. I wonder if ScoMo will be on the witness list Reply


  1 month ago
Cunning Agenda. Does anyone realise how much damage it would do to her credibility if God Forbid he was found Not Guilty. Lisa knew she’d be pushing the trial back for reasons benefiting her agenda. She should be on Trial herself for what she’s done. Her and her husband the so called “Pirate”:have damaged women’s rights not helped them. All in the name of selling her second rate book and now a Logie..Makes your eyes roll... Reply


  1 month ago
She was out of line. Agree with CindyN, she should be charged with contempt. OR is it one rule for men and a different rule for women? Practice what you preach Missy. Reply


  1 month ago
She was warned beforehand. She should be charged with contempt of court. Derryn Hinch did the time for it. Reply


  1 month ago
I agree with everyones comments here. Another self-entitled individual. Reply


  1 month ago
She is a serial pest, loves both the limelight and the sound of her own voice Reply


  1 month ago
She should be charged, not like she wasn't warned, but as always she has a big mouth and thinks she can do and say what she wants. Some jail time will sort this little entitled princess out Reply
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