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  1 month ago

Inquiries on redeemed points using the old toluna format, just to let everyone know.

Hi guys, last week I've managed to check the status of my redeemed points using the old format here at toluna. However, I was so alarmed when it showed that the rewards had been deducted since it had expired. I went on not minding about this and still continued to hope for on what will be the possible outcome. After a few weeks had past, I was so surprised to receive an email that the expected points were generously awarded at my Paypal account. All the while, it was actually kept intact on their new format and not at the old one. Inquiries on reward points status using the old format would now just yield a negative response informing you that rewards had been deducted since it had expired. So it's wise just to stick to the new format and wait if ever you will redeem your reward points. Hopefully Toluna Phils would also include updates on redeemed points inquiry status on their new format, since all you see on their latest account format was the date on when you've actually redeemed. May this post provide further enlightenment for all you guys who would try redeeming their rewards in the future . Thanks everyone.

Photo: ctto


  11 days ago
may naka survey po ba dito ng 15k points hanggang ngayon pending padin yong sakin kailangan kaya yon ma credit sa account ko mag 1 month na wala padin Reply


  1 month ago
Mario ask lang po pumasok po b agad yung survey points o wait ka po ng matagal yung 2,500 points pumasok agad pero yung 4,000 point wala p din. Ano po pinag ka iba? Reply


  1 month ago
How long po bago pumasok sa Paypal mo? Nag redeem ako, mahigit 1 month na, wala p din. Reply


  1 month ago
Request was already processed, but it still haven't shown up on my Paypal. Reply


  1 month ago
Good for you then Mario... But as for me? I'm still skeptical.. Being fed up, sick and tired of their shady shenanigans... To fully trust them and hope once more, might mean a crashing disappointment again.. If there are still really indeed some goodness left in them and in here, I'd like to personally experience it to believe... Or if it's actually going to happen long tern or for good and not just at a certain given time and then the abuse would recur and resume once again... Truth be told, along with the long patience, I have lose faith in them... Long lasting action and results that's what I want to see and experience for myself... Until then my ears are tuned in and my eyes are peeled... I didn't just become a cynic overnight and without grounds... I'd like to see a true lasting reformation and contrition when it concerns them and not just a time to time cosmetic patch up! As the saying goes; "Once bitten, twice shy" But in my case, I've been stung by them a bunch of times.. So the cynic in me would need a lot of convincing... When a person becomes jaded, trust is no longer an easy thing to come by.. Reply

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