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  4 months ago

Daily Mail. US expat is mocked after naming common food items she 'can't find anywhere' in Aussie supermarkets - but they just have different names.

American woman claims she 'can't find' common food items in Australian stores.
The woman said she struggles to locate 'ground beef' and 'chicken broth'.
'Broth = stock and ground meat = mince meat ,' a TikTok user commented
Since posting the video many have left their shopping tips and tricks for her

Gabrielle, who recently moved from America to Adelaide, is confused as to why she can't find 'ground beef or chicken broth' in-store - however she's unaware they're just under different names (mince and stock).

'If you think grocery shopping is hard try grocery shopping in a foreign country,' Gabrielle shared online.

In the TikTok Gabrielle compares the common American names for food items and what the Australian names are.

'Heavy cream is thickened cream here, fries are called chips at restaurants but chips are called chips in the grocery store,' Gabrielle said.

The Adelaide-based expat also shared that she 'can't find ground beef, ground sausage', although as many know the food item is a supermarket staple and called mince meat.

I know in different countries they use different names for foods and America is up there with the best of them. I can think of ketchup which actually originated in China. Can you think of other confusing names?

Comments if you wish.


  4 months ago
She could try buying unprocessed food and cooking that. Hasn't she got 2 eyes to see that the meat is the same but named different. I think with the meat in the US it is actually ground so it's like pureed. Ours here is not like that.
I went to to U,S in 1977 and thought their food was so processed and so horrible. Ply thing I thought they did well was hash browns.. grated potato patties cooked on a hot griddle. They were yum Rest if the so called food was awful. The salads were only lettuce and tomato and they wanted to smother it in copious amounts of yuk tasting dressing.
Trouble for that woman is, she's probably never seen real food ingredients, it's all in packets or processed.


  4 months ago
Gabrielle would have something to complain about if she went to a non English speaking country......
"Throw another Shrimp on the Barbie"


  4 months ago
Other way around as well. My cousin lives in the US and can't get many essentials like Vegemite, Fantail lollies, some baking ingredients. Not under other names either.


  4 months ago
Spotted dick!


  4 months ago
I am sure there are many B and I am so used to calling things what they are here that I think shopping somewhere else could be a bit harder for me too.


  4 months ago
The one I always laugh at is “Wieners”. They are Chipolatas. Try going into an Aussie supermarket and asking for a Wiener.

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