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  5 months ago

My Love Letter for Toluna - a repost


Dear Toluna,

Times flies so fast and it has been two (2) years and eight(8) months. As I write this letter it is our 32nd monthsary. Happy monthsary Toluna. I will forever be loyal and be truthful to you. For you only deserve the best.

We first met June 5, 2017. I started courting you and we were too shy to each other. I started to know you more and you are very helpful. You guided me in providing you with my life details like home and family, health and wellness, finance, travel , media, internet, sport and beauty, shopping and automotive. It is as if I am already sure that you will say "YES" to me.

Days past and every time you invite me I try to answer though sometimes I fail. Times that we are both happy for I received points. The best consolation was my first ever successful kiss, my redemption from the accumulated points and triumphs that we both achieved. And so far enjoying the kisses I get every time I accumulated good points. I was even too lucky for being a one day millionaire. Sharing it with my families in the time I really needed it most. Thanks Toluna for loving me so much as I do also to you. I love you Toluna.

And when we are on our chit-chat moments, we do sometimes polls, topics, battles and thumb it so as to make the relationship last. Which I know your favorite is the topic particularly about anything in life that is worth writing and discussing.

What I like the most with you is being fashionista, the color themes that you use. Every time you change themes, I really love you for you are too beautiful to my eyes. Everybody admires you for that. Then you became energetic with the contest and games you introduced. Everyone becomes hyper and enjoyed every contests we participated and games we played. This one will surely make you the best , the games that was really enjoyable and very entertaining. Looking forward for more and hope you won't get tired of introducing new ones.

You also have a heart for others who are in need of help. Teaching me how to have a heart like giving my own share for the donations. The donations you do is really something others don't have. I love you for being true and genuine.

Nothing much that I can say to our relationship and especially to you, Toluna. Please don't ever change, if ever change for the best. I love you very much. Praying that we can prove the whole world that "Forever" is real .

Thank you very much for the time, love and care you have always given me.

I love you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Love and Pray,


  5 months ago
Such an inspiring love letter walski.. kahit paulit ulit basahin ganda pa rin.. gawa ka pa ng madami.. hahaha


  5 months ago
Wow nice! Can I copy paste it? (Joke only!) :-) The same feeling I have though its not that long that I have been here. Congratulations for your successess!


  5 months ago
This is really sweet Kuya Walski! Toluna indeed deserves this kind words. Thanks for sharing and Happy anniversary! More power to you and Toluna!


  5 months ago
Wow! what a wonderful relationship you have with Toluna:) I agree that Toluna is always great and helpful:)


  5 months ago
Thanks for the wonderful letters almost cry! Yes to Toluna! Hurray! Best Good Vibes too!


  5 months ago
Thanks for sharing with us your loving relationship with Toluna Sir.


  5 months ago
Sir Walski.Wondering if you have a partner? If does she must be happy bec you are so loving a romantic. God bless you indeed. Take care!


  5 months ago nice kuya Walski...Happy Anniversary.. ;-)


  5 months ago
your so sweet and kind. I love how you wrote your love letter for Toluna:)

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