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  5 months ago

Is Wrong To Ban Kids Under The Age Of 5 yrs From A Restaurant?

Some people are up in arms and even stating they will never step foot inside again after a local cafe owner in the UK put up a sign that bans children under 5 yrs from the restaurant.

After spending hundreds of thousands on renovations which include music, movie and sports memorabilia that fill the walls and ceilings at the cafe restaurant, the owner has defended his no kids rule –

We have a lot of valuable stuff in here and we don’t want them to start messing around with them. There are plenty of other cafes that let kids in, it’s not like they haven’t got anywhere to go.

I think we're the only place that doesn't let under 5 in and people say they like coming here as there is no screaming kids.

But locals have grumbled at the rule, saying it was “so wrong”.

I've got nothing against kids, but there are times they can be pretty unpredictable and their natural curiosity is gonna make them want to touch stuff. They have some pretty unique items and visiting his cafe would be a great experience. I see nothing wrong with the owners decision to ban children under 5 from his cafe.


  5 months ago
Maybe in high end dining


  5 months ago
I know people with kids get SO appalled by these type of rules, but sorry, even if you're kid happens to be an angel (which I'm SURE is the case lol) most kids DO/WILL destroy things, have temper tantrums, accidents, etc. it's not an insult, it's just a fact...not to mention, parents nowadays seem to have the attitude that the entire world has to conform to them because they have a child, and that's not the case, how come your life decision has to affect everoyne else's decision NOT to have kids? Anyway if there's valuable items or if a restaraunt has a specific theme or decor or reason it's not suitable for children, I think that's fair, I'm SURE people can find plently of places that DO allow children.


  5 months ago
His business, his rules. Also seen too many parents that should tak lessons on teaching their kids to be respectful


  5 months ago
I agree with this. If we still lived in a moire civilised society, there'd be no need for this. However, too many parents just ignore their kids, try too hard to be their friend, when what kids need are parents, and boundaries.


  5 months ago
I've got nothing against kids either and agree that there are times they can be pretty unpredictable?


  5 months ago
This is so wrong, how does he expects to run a business in his community if he is discriminating against the people who are going to build his business.

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