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  8 months ago

Shane's and tried and tested? If you are over paying for the expensive Telstra Mobile prices, I have one solution, that will work even in rural where others do not?

Boost Mobile usually gets right in bed with the telco's that they are using, they did this when they were with OPTUS, and now they have done the same thing with Telstra.

What does this really mean? It means that they use the same customer service call centers as telstra, they also virtually use the same billing services, from Telstra.

The benefit is that anywhere where Telstra Mobile is, so is Boost Mobile, the only difference is that Boost does not have access to the Telstra 5G network, but after signing another 10 year agreement with Telstra one day that will more likely change.

There are like 2 sections of telstra, one is Telstra Retail Mobile Network, and the other is the Telstra Wholesale Network. All companies that are using the Telstra Network, with the exception of Boost and Telstra can only access the telstra wholesale network, meaning less coverage.

For example Telstra has both 3 and 4G Coverage in St George just over the border of Queensland, but Telstra wholsale customers only have access to the 3G Coverage, such as Woolworths and ALDI Mobile, where Telstra and Boost Mobile Customers have the full access to 4G, and get much more coverage beyond, where there is no service for ALDI and or Woolworth's Customers.

So if you are looking for a Mobile Service that gives you more for you money, and no less Coverage on the Telstra Retail Network have a look at Boost Mobile.

On whitelist both Telstra and Boost Plans are compared.

Boost Mobile Plans Start at $20 a month unlimited calls and texts within Australia, and 5 gigabytes of Data. Where Telstra starts at $30 a month, and even higher on their highway robbery Post Plans.

Boost has a $200 and a $300 12 month plans, and you virtually get double the amount of data included than what you get with Telstra. plus you get the exact same coverage regardless where you live, the only access that is difference, no 5G on Boost, but one day that may also change


  8 months ago
I have gone with Amysim


  8 months ago
Thanks Shane, check this out. I was amazed just recently when a friend went up north and could not use his mobile as he was with Optus and Telstra was the only one that could get coverage. Doesn't seem fair to moi as most of the people that go up there are for working.


  8 months ago
Thanks for the read and information, always very helpful and have a great week.


  8 months ago
I should point out that the $200 plan has a bonus of 40gbs of data normally 100 Gbs of data, but is still great value. I am on one of their older plans of $150 a year with 80gbs of data, and I have found that I would not even come close using 80, would normally use around 30 to 50gbs as my mobile phone switches to my home internet automatically when home. But if you are a person who uses a fair bit of data per month, they do have generous 38 day plans that still work out better than the Telstra ones. Telstra only has one prepaid plan that is avaible on their 5G netork and I think that costs around $60 per month, Good low congestion 4G Coverage is just as good, and faster than most peopel's NBN Service, anyway. I had just did a speed test was averaging between 198 to 216 megabit. 30 megabit up.. Again I must say that I do not use musch data at all still have 73GBS of data left, and it was recharged on the 9/9/2021

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