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  1 month ago

Today is United Nations Volunteer Day.

Do you Volunteer for anything? I used to Volunteer to help Primary School Kids with their reading. Our neighbour Volunteers at a Soup Van in the City. My Aunt in Sydney was a Volunteer at the Sydney Olympics.The loveliest ones I read about are the Elderly ladies who Volunteer at Hospitals nursing sick babies. Imagine where we would be without Volunteers helping us? Love to see you replies.


  1 month ago
I have done a lot of volunteer work over the years I first Started off in the Burnie Leo Club, which is the juniot Lyons club, and then the Burnie Apex Club, but have also started many community organizations to make residents feel safer in ther homes. Did in Sydney Burnie and in Hobart been on many volunteer boards and organizations took myself off them in 2019 when I had heath problems Reply


  1 month ago
Heaps of volunteering. I can write an essay :) Reply


  1 month ago
A fantastic day and volunteers do such amazing work, I have done some volunteer work before and would love to do more. Working in a school I have seen just how much of a wonderful job volunteers do and they really brighten kids lives and make their days very special? There are so many areas where volunteers make such a difference within communities each and every day and the one you mention the elderly ladies at hospitals nursing sick babies is a lovely one. Reply


  1 month ago
I used to volunteer at the nursing home where my sister was and got a lot of joy from it. In time I shall do so again. I think that the one you mention about the Elderly Ladies with the sick babies sounds fantastic. Reply

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