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  1 month ago

Tasmania is once again self efficient with power?

Tasmania is once again self efficient, when it comes to power consumption usage in this State. Finally Tasmania is back using 100% renewables, that include a mix of wind, hydro solar, and gas.

I had heard that their was a proposal of another Bass Strait, Internet Connect Fiber Cable, to be be put between the North West Coast of Tasmania, and Mainland Victoria, that can send power into the Australian Power Grid. First I had seen angry residents at picturess Stanly on the A Current Affairs, with the town split, over a wind farm that was proposed near by the town. Some of the residents has spoken about the proposed wind farm, that Tasmania will not get any power from it, as it is destined to Mainland Australia. When I hear this I was a tad concerned, as our State Liberal Government had already broken the Bass Link Interconnect Cable that we already had once, due to sending too much power across it, the more power sent the hotter the cables become, and they are only designed to run at a certain temperature. This caused so much panic, and that Tasmania would run very low on power, causing the Minister in charge of power, to get multi millions of dollars worth of diesel generators sent. They had also ran many of the dams that produced power to dangerously low levels of water, because they were thinking more about the $$$ and not about any damage that they will be doing.

So I thought that they would have to be planning on another Interconnect cable across Bass Straight, if they were proposing this new wind farm.

China also has us over a barrel, as many of the Hydro Wind Farms, were actually build and jointly owned by the State Government of Tasmania, and some companies from China.

Now there is the Marinus Link being proposed, and that Tasmania will become the Battery of the Nation. I just hope that they spend a few more million dollars than what happened with the Bass Link Cable, as it would of only costed a couple of millions more, and they could of had more reliable cables that would of taken the extra heat. The cables could not even be used to run electricity across if the temperature was also too hot, in Victoria and Tasmania either. Just hope this project that if it gets off the ground that they will do a better job.

I was quite annoyed when the old State Labor Government got the cables build and at the expense of a private operator, such things should of been in public hands.

Marinus Link is a proposed 1500 megawatt capacity undersea and underground electricity connection to further link Tasmania and Victoria as part of Australia’s future electricity grid

The increased transmission capacity may be delivered in two 750 MW developments.

Marinus Link will be supported by transmission network developments on the North West Tasmanian electricity network.

I have lost count the many surveys that I had gotten about this new project. I fully support it if it means that Tasmanian's will never run out pr lower of power, and it will great more jobs for Tasmanian.


  1 month ago
Fantastic news Shane and thanks, as always, for the link. Reply


  1 month ago
Thanks for the read and link, sounds good. Reply


  1 month ago
Good to see. Reply


  1 month ago
Sounds good, Reply

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