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  8 months ago

How safe do you feel catching public transport, during COVID?

It was recently reported that in Melbourne that there is so much more congestion on the roads, as more people are taking to the roads in their own cars, rather than using public transport. The use of driving cars is war up, and the use of public transport had dropped by over 50%.

I would have to say since I had moved back to Tasmania 18 years ago, this Christmas, that's right a week before Christmas 2003, that catching public transport I never really liked. Regardless of COVID or not I have always been concerned about germs on Public transport, I would not even go to a GYM, as they are another place that it is very easy to pick up germs and get sick. A friend of mine used to go to the GYM all the time, he would pick up very nasty bugs and then pass it on to others, from such places, one time he made Dave and I very sick.

In Sydney I actually walked a lot, I would walk for hours. I was like around 30 minutes walk to the heart of the city. I walked to and from TAFE nearly every day. I was very close to so many bus services, and Sydney Central Train Station was down the bottom of my hilly street.

Some days I would catch a bus that was on one corner that took me right to Marrickvile metro and shopped at ALDI. Back then I would not even think about germs etc.

How save do you feel?


  8 months ago
Pretty safe I feel everyone has to do their part. I always have hand sanitiser, mask on and I distance myself from others. However I have heard stories of nightmare events on public transport. I enjoy walking if I can plus I use my car for everything these days


  8 months ago
I always used to catch public transport but when I got a car took it less and less. I think with the times we are in now a lot of people are very cautious.


  8 months ago
Most Country Trains in Victoria are very clean, more so theses days.
City Trains not so good, but then again, Multi Cultural.
Some are still learning hygiene habits of our Australians Culture.
Victorian Country Train toilets very clean and tidy


  8 months ago
Not safe at all. Even before Covid I was very wary of catching colds from people on the bus.


  8 months ago
Where I live, there is no public transport, no Uber and virtually no taxis. It just is not an option out here.


  8 months ago
Rarely catch it.

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