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  1 month ago

Summer Fun.

Following on from KT’s fantastic topic. At the Tolunian pool party, how much money would get you to take off your swim suit? YV wouldn’t get in because she doesn’t like the pee in pool water. We will call it an OOL and she can watch us while we frolic naked in the sunshine. So how much would it take…. I DARE you! 100 bucks and my body will be on display because I am into cheap thrills.

Is Toluna going to do an advent calendar this year? I love turning all the days over to reveal what I could win. Dreaming is also my Summer fun. Do take care and thank you.


  1 month ago
$300 but only as long as I could put a bag over my head! Nooo, it wasn't me Your Honour! Reply


  1 month ago
I have a pool that has been put away for the past 2 years, water restrictions, I would also need to do the front fence again, as I do not want prying eyes looking at us whilst in the pool. I had put blue tarp across it when I had the pool up, as my back yard is technically my front, and do not like people seeing us in my yard Reply


  1 month ago
Well this is a great post qt and has brought me lots of smiles, a good question there for people. I have tears of laughter because you made it an OOL and took the P out for Y. You said this so wonderfully … frolic in the sunshine but I best keep something on if Y has the hunky lifesaver coming to keep me stay afloat, I do hope he is coming to the pool as well as the beach. Reply


  1 month ago
I don't mind watching....... Happy with that! Though I'd prefer to watch naked, good looking hunky, norty, younger men with tattoos..... but beggars can't be choosy. ;-) Reply


  1 month ago
It sounds fantastic and Y definitely will not go in. She can sit at the side and look beautiful. Really Qt $100 that is not much for viewing such a body. For me I will sit on the side with Y as, believe it or not, I used to do this in our pool at home when I was alone but never with friends. Reply

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