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  8 months ago

Times have changed we are told but have they - is it Rude to Call Someone "Fat?"

In the gym changeroom, a little girl was overheard telling her mum that a woman the little girl was pointing at, who was a stranger, getting changed behind them, was "fat." Her mother told her daughter what the daughter said said was "rude," & added "there are different kinds of people in the world" (or words to that effect). Apparently the stranger they were speaking about turned to the mother & said "your daughter is right. I am fat" & the mother said "I don't want her judging other people by their appearance in any way."

Size still matters for many people but whether it's OK to comment or not is another matter. Yes, it was a little girl but attitudes start young. & this question isn't about the little girl, it's a general question - so, I ask you, is it rude to Call Someone "Fat"?


  8 months ago
I love childrens honesty! I am sure the woman being talked about knew she was fat. That would have a lot to do with why she was at the gym, I imagine. ...working on her health and size. I think the child's mother handled it well. Kids are blunt and direct, it is how we answer them that makes all the difference


  8 months ago
Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately kids always seem to call it as they see it. Sometimes it can be embarrassing. I'm old fashioned so I don't take offence at what people say, sticks and stones is my motto.


  8 months ago
Well I wouldn't, but kids just say things that come into their head. My mum told me that when I was about 4, a lady with dwarfism got on the bus and at the top of my voice I yelled "look mummy little lady" with apparent delight. Mum was very embarrassed but the lady just smiled at us.


  8 months ago


  8 months ago
I said something to one person once she was a tad offended, I did not say it to be rude, I said it as I was diabetic, and was concerned about her own health, with myself being diabetic. Some times people do say something that may offend someone, but it was not meant to. Some people have health problems that make them over weight, but many times people being too over weight can lead to serious health problems, but also being too skinny may also lead to health problems.


  8 months ago
I think it’s so important from a young age that kids are taught that everyone is unique in their own way. No two people are ever the same, it’s what’s in our hearts and the beauty and individuality of each person that lights up the world.


  8 months ago
I have always looked into someone’s eyes when I speak to them. They are the windows to the soul which is the only attribute I assess. Any physical attributes are simply the vessel in which the soul lives and mean nothing so therefore should never be judged. They say only God can judge you, but I think you yourself can be the best judge of your own character/behaviour and adjust accordingly. Sure I am only human and sometimes I feel like I don’t belong but my maturity has let me learn that it’s inside MY head and it’s up to me to change it by participation. Good topic Red.


  8 months ago
We all are SKINNY, how ever some are more Skinny than others.
Now Skinny complain about that.


  8 months ago
I'm back to.... don't judge a book etc.
Having said that, guilty your honour! Back in Jan. when a snob of a woman picked on my Husband and after a 'discussion' I had with her a low to the ground sports car came to pick her up. She had trouble getting in so I told her " the amount of junk in your trunk you're going to have get it lower than that"...... but she started it and I think she flipped me the bird when they drove passed.... but I would never get that personal normally.... never.


  8 months ago
I'd be thinking why us the girl so ontent on looking at other people and pointing at them, which is rude.
Seems like the girl needs lessons from her parents about acceptable behavior.
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