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  1 month ago

Seagulls being shooed away by working dog at the Opera house

If you have ever been to the foreshores around the Opera House you will have seen all the mess created by seagulls - and humans really leaving plates full of chips on the tables.

There was a trail of some working dogs employed to keep the seagulls away which was successful and it was decided to employ the dog handlers to rouse the seagulls away from patrons eating. Some people even commented that before this they did not want to eat there due to bird pestering them.

Some politician has commented the cost of keeping the dogs working is too much and his dog could do the job! Really?

I think its great and other venues might take up the idea also, gives someone a job and keeps dogs employed.
Have you ever been annoyed with birds hanging around while you are eating? I know pigeons can be a real problem and there is also the disease aspect of keeping birds away from eating areas.


  1 month ago
I think dog has found his dream job. Most dogs love to chase birds. Good luck to the pooch! Reply


  1 month ago
I have always had so many concerns about feeding birds, one is that then birds come costumed to it, and then cant find food the way that they naturally should and this can lead to birds eating junk, not being bale to find food sources and die. As innocent we do it, such as feeding ducks, this could also stop breeding cycles, like so many birds may migrate every year, some may breed in China as ab example and then fly back to Australia during the warmer months Reply


  1 month ago
I saw this on the news. Funny. Reply


  1 month ago
Yes, years ago while at the beach and there is nothing more frustrating. Great idea. I did read this story and found it to be interesting. I would gather that some people would not like it but it gets a tick of approval from moi. Reply


  1 month ago
I haven’t really been annoyed by them before but it can be a big problem in some places. I hope you have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Reply

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