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  1 month ago

Horse and Carriage Rides To Be Banned In Melbourne.

These are being banned for many reasons one being it is too hot for the horses. When we lived in Melbourne the poor horses looked so distressed in Summer. What other animal rides or activities would you like to see banned in Australia? Thank you.


  1 month ago
Then they should also ban dog, cat, bird and any other animal show, as so many animals are very mistreated. Many are put into very small cages, many animals are euthanized if they do not look right., Apparently the Ridged Back does not normally have it, so if they do not then they are euthanized. The dogs that have the Ridged Backs can get a lot of health and skin problems, as there are like some w\holes in the skin of the ridge. If a budgie is not up to show quality, many people who bread them would kill those ones, which I had always felt to be barbaric and cruel. I had bread birds, I would do my hardest to give any bird a descent quality of life. I love dogs but my favorite animals are still birds. I would of kept breeding birds if I never moved away from Burnie, as I could not find a full time job, I had applied for 2 in Melbourne and the first one I had got. I had built myself a good reputation as my parents kept getting calls asking if I am still breeding cockatiels, as mine were always the best quality and bred like flies, where they do not uually breed like that, but my chicks also bred the same. Reply


  1 month ago
In 2 minds over this as a friend of mines brother actually operates one in the City. He's one of the most kind people and adores his horses and vice versa. I've seen them and they actually enjoy the attention of the people. If they were all treated the same as he treats his horses I see nothing wrong with it but not everyone does. Off Topic i know but I don't agree with Dolphins being trained at Sea World to entertain people. There are so many other things that animals are forced to do to entertain people that could be banned too. Reply


  1 month ago
Yes get rid if them, the horses are not treated well, and left standing tied up to carts for long hours. Thing if the past and don't belong in city streets, as nice as they are, it's not the right place for a horse to be. The horse in the photo looks miserable. Put the man in front if the cart instead. Reply


  1 month ago
I think things have changed a lot and we are seeing less animals used for these types of things now. Hopefully all animals can live out their life happily and filled with love and care. Reply


  1 month ago
The middle of the city is no place for horses anyway. I feel sorry for the police horses also. Reply


  1 month ago
The other reason is the horse manure was left in the city streets by the horses and was not picked up by the carriage people.In Europe there was a collection tray to collect the horse manure Reply


  1 month ago
Although a lovely romantic idea of the past these types of things are not for current times. So much traffic, noise, so much demand and back to back rides. I am glad they are banning these rides. Reply

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