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  8 months ago
Lets see if the Victorian Government will ACT on their legislation that was passed not that long ago, companies who deliberately pay staff less than what they are meant to pay them, the executives can now be jailed, as it is the law in Victoria. I think too much of this wage theft is deliberate , and they keep on doing it, until they know what they are going to be caught out, and or they have paid bribes to some one in the Fair Work Commission, to let them know that they are about to be audited. This has always been the case with Health and Safety Officers, each supermarket is told when they are going to get a Health and Safety audit, so the stores then are cleaned from top to bottom.
I had a idea that Coles may have been underpaying staff, as many permanent staff members had their hours cut back, and they were replaced with Indian staff members. I was also told that these staff members were cheaper to hire. I am not racist, but regardless who the person is they all should be paid the same rate as other people and nothing less
They should know what each staff member is meant to be paid, different ages get paid more, a store cleaner may get paid higher than a shop assistant, but the rewards are easily looked up.
I say that too many companies are trying to get away with it, the less wages pushes the profit margins up, and makes them look better as an investment. Similar if some one is about to sell a petrol station, with a petrol station is not about how much money they are making, is more about how much fuel they are selling, so they will drop the price of the fuel down, to increase volume whilst trying to sell it


  8 months ago
Something wrong in their pay office - maybe the computer programme they are using.
A company I once worked for left it to the employees to claim back pay from a new enterprise agreement. I found this hard to believe so had to calculate our own and put it into a spreadsheet and then submit it - I had never seen such an antiquated system. Well it was due to their pay system not having the ability to do this. Normally if you get a payrise and are due backpay, the employers system calculates it or does the pay officer and it is paid to you with details in a payslip.
Needless to say, myself and one other person were the only ones who claimed this and then another employee found out that we had been paid, so we showed her our spreadsheet and how we submitted it and she also go the backpay. Some of the staff had moved onto other jobs so did not get the pay and others just couldn't be bothered.
Not sure if antiquated or outdated pay system is the problem at Coles but may be if the pay rates were not adjusted in their pay system, or updates in levels of pay.


  8 months ago
Yes. Jail Them.

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