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First off, much thanks to those of you who expressed your concern for me due to the mass shooting this past Monday afternoon at the Boise Town Square Mall.

I was shopping at this very nearby mall the day before the shooting and was quite shocked when I learned about it while at work on Monday. Violent crime is so rare in my city and this is likely why it became a national story. It's a reminder that tragic events can happen at any time and at any place.

Many cities in our country have seen a large increase in violent crimes this past year for various reasons but thankfully Boise is not one of them. I'm hoping that this shooting was just an aberration and not a harbinger of things to come. My city has been growing quite rapidly in recent years so am concerned with how that will affect our overall long term quality of life.


  29 days ago
Yes, now a days a lot of bad people Reply


  2 months ago
When I heard about this shooting I thought of you! So glad you missed this tragedy by a day! Yes, sadly this is getting all too common in Anytown, USA. It happened in my town in 1989 with the school shootings of tiny kids playing in their schoolyard. An Uzi was used to mow them down. This prompted a ban on assault weapons. But I do not think this law would pass today. I am relieved to hear you are OK. Keep safe Idahopatriot - I would miss your posts! Reply


  3 months ago
I am thankful you are okay. I'm sure it's a shock knowing you were there just the day before the shooting. We don't have that many violent crimes here although it seems like I read about a shooting or two in the nearby city every week. Sadly, we're hearing more about students bringing guns to school; three students just this week in the larger general area. Reply


  3 months ago
Thank God you are alright, Bill. Reply


  3 months ago
Thank God you weren't there. I also thank God that we are not a crime ridden city because we do have a good police force. God only knows what it would be like without them. Please stay safe! God bless you always, my friend! Reply


  3 months ago
Yes. Crime is on the rise almost everywhere. It is worse in cities that are reducing their police presence. Some cities, like SF, even condone theft as long as it is below $900. Criminals rob stores in broad daylight while people watch and record it. Brazen violent attacks are increasing in some of our largest cities. I've never seen anything like this in my life. It is discouraging watching this stuff play out. Politicians in charge are mostly responsible for it yet they keep getting re-elected. Voters need to wake up. Reply


  3 months ago
Wow, I didn't hear about this. That's awful. Unfortunately, my area is one that violent crimes are happening too frequently. Google the Poconos, not pretty. So thankful that you were not there at the time. Reply


  3 months ago
I am so sorry that this tragedy happened so close to your home, Bill. Safety is so often taken for granted. I am glad to hear that you were not in the area when this happened. I hope that it was an aberration. Reply


  3 months ago
I'm glad you weren't there when it happened. You rarely hear anything like that happening in your city. A lot of cities have seen a rise in violent crimes. I turned on the local news and they were talking about the shootings that happened in Louisville, Ky. which is across the river from us. I hope Boise doesn't have a rise in violent crimes. Reply


  3 months ago
Wow, I am glad that you were not there when it happened. I live in a small town and we don't have much crime. It's about 50 miles from Atlanta and we used to go there a lot for entertainment and shopping but the past 10 years the violent crime has gotten so bad that we don't go anymore. Reply
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