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First off, much thanks to those of you who expressed your concern for me due to the mass shooting this past Monday afternoon at the Boise Town Square Mall.

I was shopping at this very nearby mall the day before the shooting and was quite shocked when I learned about it while at work on Monday. Violent crime is so rare in my city and this is likely why it became a national story. It's a reminder that tragic events can happen at any time and at any place.

Many cities in our country have seen a large increase in violent crimes this past year for various reasons but thankfully Boise is not one of them. I'm hoping that this shooting was just an aberration and not a harbinger of things to come. My city has been growing quite rapidly in recent years so am concerned with how that will affect our overall long term quality of life.


  3 months ago
Yes, especially when the police won't even respond to noise complaints and tell people who were attacked just out walking in their neighborhoods that there's nothing that can be done because "no harm was done." SAY WHAT? Both my husband and I frequent places where crimes have been committed, and drive all the time on roads/highways where shootings have occurred. We're always mindful of our surroundings. Reply


  3 months ago
Thankful that you wasn't there when it took place. I try not to be too concerned about crimes because if I was to set around and worry all the time, I wouldn't ever leave the house. You just have to pray and have faith. It's a scary world these days. Reply


  3 months ago
I thought of you when I heard about this horrible incident Glad to know you are safe. It seems when a town seems to grow that there is more violent crimes. My city has more crime than Boise but I think it will get worse here as we are growing tremendously! Reply


  3 months ago
Glad you are okay. Reply


  3 months ago
That is awful. Too many guns that fall into the hands of the mentally ill family members' of gun owners. Some gun owners seem to be enablers of their mentally ill family member doing that. I have an alcoholic friend and I have alcohol in my house. When he comes for visits I do not show him where I keep it or put it on the table with an empty glass nearby. I'd be sabotaging his goal to keep dry. Gun owners should have locked safes for their guns. The owner should be liable for what happened. Reply


  3 months ago
I am just glad you and your loved ones are safe. I live in a very low-crime area so when I hear about something near me I get quite rattled. Reply


  3 months ago
I'm glad that you are safe. It's hard to believe that this happened in Boise. It seems that these types of crimes are on the increase everywhere. I do my best to stay alert and stay safe. My city has a fairly good police force, and, along with the county sheriff's dept, they keep my city/county fairly safe. Reply

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