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  1 month ago

How much is for a space Tour?

Nowadays, Space Tours are the talk of the town, and why not? Aside from the Fact that space can now be experienced by ordinary earthlings, and be part of the "Space tourists club", it is a clear status symbol for the more privileged few.

The Million dollar question is, ( literally millions) How much is to be a part of a space tour?

Blue Origin has declined to publicly state a price for a ticket to fly on New Shepard. The company is nearing $100 million in sales so far, Mr. Bezos has said. But it’s unclear how many ticket holders that includes.

Oliver Daemen, the Dutch teenager aboard Blue Origin’s first crewed flight in July, was occupying a seat that the company auctioned off for $28 million, a steep number that even shocked some company executives. Of that total, $19 million was donated equally to 19 space organizations.

Mr. Daemen, 18, wasn’t the winning bidder. His father, a private equity executive, was the runner-up in the auction and was next in line after the actual winner. That individual, who has not been named, plunked down $28 million before postponing their trip over a scheduling conflict, Blue Origin said at the time.
Meanwhile, a Virgin Galactic Space Tour starts at a whopping price of 450,000$, and there are so many more tours coming from different entity like Space Balloon and so on.
If you are one of these afluent privileged few, would you also indulge in discovering the space or utilize your dollars somewhere else?


  1 month ago
I think we should invest the money in helping the planet and helping people who are dying because of famines and diseases. Reply


  1 month ago
let save first our planet Reply


  1 month ago
let save first our planet Reply

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