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  3 months ago

Hobart now in a 3 day lock down, due to an idiot?

I am getting over self centered people who think about their selfish selves than other people. Our Borders are not fully closed, they are open to people from areas, who are not from Covid19 hot spots.

On Monday a 31 year old wanker, flew on the last flight to Hobart, who was refused a Tasmanian State border pass not once but twice. He is a positive case of the Dela Strain. Was rushed to Hotel Quarantine, who I think us Tasmanian people will be footing his bill.

This wanker refused to wear a mask, where even returning Tasmanian people had to, and many had to quarantine for 14 days. This wanker walked out of Hotel Quarantine, and was picked up from the hotel taken to Hobart Northern Suburbs, and visited supermarkets and more, and now pushed Hobart into a 3 day snap lock down.

I had said today, I bet if many Tasmanian people who knew who he was, he more likely would not be alive, as many Tasmanian's are now so pissed off.

He caused a Police man hunt, and was given a $1500 fine, what a total joke. I think people who are breaking our laws like this should be sent to jail when he becomes negative, and the people who aided and bedded this 31 year old should be given the full force of the law, even if it means that they are also sent to jail.

Many Tasmanian People support the strict border closures, and we also feel that one day we will have to learn to live with it, but within reason, no one who is positive flying into Tasmania

Your thoughts


  3 months ago
Agree, it's so frustrating how this is still happening. Such self entitlement............ just keep safe Jay.


  3 months ago
There is always that one selfish idiot with no brains that spoils it for everyone else.


  3 months ago
Sorry to hear this Shane. At least they have caught it in time with 3 day lockdown. I agree with Cazzle on this one. Take care!


  3 months ago
Complete Zombie (No Brains-No Guts) No thoughts for anyone.
This is a case of Name and Shame. let him get a few "Bitch slaps" might just wake this clown up.
Tassie was going so well, as you say, "ONE IDIOT" that's all it took.
Some people will never learn, I just do not know what to do with this form of person.
These are the ones who continue to yell that their rights are being taken away. with no thoughts for anyone bar them self.
SCUM comes to mind many other words also come to mind, I would be sent to the Naughty corner forever if I said them.
All will be OK Tassie, Thinking good for you all.


  3 months ago
People are the most dangerous animals in this world.

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