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  26 days ago

#Poetic Days

No man is an island, entire of itself;
Up and down
Left and right
We row and row

To seek the treasures
Abundant on this land
Mutual aid is needed
You cannot succeed on your own, remember, no man is an island

Behind every enterprise, there is support.
Individuals who show support with hope and confidence
Be it a small or big aid, one cannot rise on its own
Without other people helping working together side by side

We can reach our purpose,
We can, we can
If we work together
We will reach it, before long.

Challenges that we may face be it rough sea currents
Drenching us with waves after waves drowning our spirits
Even getting chased by wild savages that wants to eat us
Or hunted down by a pack of vicious lions

As long as we help each other
We will come through it
Reaching our admired goal
Side by side, gloriously

Some say that the power of one is strong
However, being alone makes one vulnerable
To be attack from many sides having trusting allies
Being alongside of each other helping each other we are sure to win

As the saying goes
A single stick breaks easily
A bundle of sticks
Stays strong

Such is the same for wolves’, they work as a pack
They are strong as a pack,
They succeed as a pack
They have each other’s backs

So do a ship
If the crew is organized, the ship crew’s functions well
The journey will reach its destination
If the ship crew is in disarray, it will bicker and plot schemes

That will destroy each other leading to ruin
Surely it will sink the ship
All for one, one for all
We rise when united; we fall when divided

The world’s bounty is open for us
To acquire and enjoy it.
Nothing is impossible
Being united, anything is possible

There it is
Land ho, land ho
The place that has it
The treasures that we seek

We are HERE
Anchors away boys, we can land now
Celebrating our success to rest our laurels
Enjoying our well-earned rewards of our achieved dreams


  25 days ago
Awesome work! Its too good. You have some serious skills. Reply

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