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  7 months ago

The Most Merciful 10 Days Of Ramadan

Fasting Itself is Mercy..

The act of fasting as one of the Pillars of Islam is in itself an act of mercy. Through fasting, Muslims experience a healthy detox from food that does not benefit them. They become spiritually recharged and become more aware of leaving distractions that also do not benefit them.

Muslims appreciate the little they have and think of those who have even less – families with children in war-torn countries, Muslims and non-Muslims living without food on a daily basis – those who fast without an opportunity to break their fast.

All these amounts to mercy in their own way, Muslims will have an opportunity to feel more merciful towards themselves, towards those who may have more, and to those who are less fortunate.

Mercy manifests itself in humility in many, many ways. And all this can be achieved through a Ramadan that is filled with remembrance of God, reflection on abstinence, and spending the early nights deep in prayer.

But God promises something even more. He says:

O you who believe! Observing al-sawn (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become pious. (2: 183)

Ramadan Kareem
Keep Me In Your Prayers Please.
Sending Love


  7 months ago
Ramadan Kareem to our brothers and sisters in UAE. Over the years I have learned and understood the beautiful and charitable spirit of this month. My salute to all who observe this month with so much piety. May God grant the peace on all of us.


  7 months ago
God promises something even more


  7 months ago
very nice


  7 months ago
Very true every Muslim rich or poor feels very happy in Ramadan. Its the month to fast to distribute food clothes anything that u can alah rewards u 10 time more then what u give. And by fasting u realise how poor people live and during iftar when u eat delious food allah has told u think about the poors who don't even have water to drink. So first give a little charity and then u enjoy see the joy u will have in your life. I allah has given us this month not only to detox your souls and also heart. Along with your bank balance. Its point making jewelry , having bank balance or rented houses because by the end of the yr u have to pay jakat for all. Which comes to a big amount then u are in tension. So why save so much try to help your bothers sisters give good life to y parents and family your cousins and then others. U have to go empty hands from this world so for whom r u saving . May Allah give all of us hidayath and forgive all our sins. Ameen


  7 months ago

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