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  2 months ago

Arctic ocean

Arctic ocean

What types of Whales found in Arctic ocean :

Minke whale
The smallest member of the rorqual family, the northern or common minke whale is still a mighty sight. Under constant threat from commercial whaling, these (relatively small) giants of the sea tend to live a solitary life in Arctic and Antarctic waters.

Bowhead whale
bowhead whale – a marine beast with a large triangular skull to break through ice. They have the thickest blubber, longest lifespan, lowest core body temperature and greatest number of 'songs' than any other whale.

It may be considered rude to point, but not for narwhals – they were born this way. Their striking feature is a large ‘tusk’ (actually a protruding canine tooth), so that’s how you’ll be able to tell them apart from their marine buddies.

Beluga whale
Easily distinguished with their brown-grey to white skin, beluga whales are super vocal and sociable in their pods and have a sizeable round forehead. They may look odd, but these incredible creatures use a whole range of sounds to communicate and are known to mimic what they hear.

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