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  9 months ago

Fun facts about the Arctic Ocean

* The Arctic Ocean is almost the same size as Russia encompassing an area of 5,427,000 miles.

*The North pole is in the Arctic Ocean

*There are three types of ice that cover the Arctic Ocean which
consists of polar ice, fast ice and pack ice.

*Polar ice doesn't melt and can be as thin as 2 meters in the
and 50 meters thick during winter.

*Pack ice is the ice located on the edge of the polar ice which
completely freezes only during winter.

* Fast ice is the ice surrounding the pack ice and land around the
Arctic Ocean during winter.

*A wide variety of marine life can be found living in the Arctic ocean
such as jellyfish, whales, fish, seals and walruses

*Polar bears live and hunt on the ice of the Arctic ocean.

* Four whale species can be found in the Arctic Ocean such as The
Bowhead Whale, Grey Whale, Narwhal and Beluga Whale.

*There are six seal species living in the Arctic Ocean which includes
the bearded seal, ribbon seal, harp seal, spotted seal, ringed seal
and the hooded seal.

*When the ice in the Arctic Ocean melts it releases nutrients that
promotes the growth of algae. This serves as food for zooplankton
which is also food for sea life.

* The majority of fish species are located in the Arctic Ocean.

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