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  11 months ago

#NYEMemories Contest!

Hello Influencers,

Happy New Years Eve Eve! Can you believe how fast this year went? This year your New Years Eve may not be the same due to restrictions and to be safe. However, we want to reminisce on the good times. Keep reading to find out about the last topic contest of 2020!

Create a topic with the title #NYEMemories and share your favorite New Years Eve memory with us. There will be 5 winners who will win 3,000 points, but if you don't win you'll still get 300 points for participating if you set up the topic correctly.

When you go to create your topic, click the tab on top - "Community" and scroll your mouse to "Topic." From the new screen where you can create content, click topic again, which should allow you to join in on the fun for points.

For your title (where it says, share something with the community) = #NYEMemories, add an image, (we have a free image library for you to use- by clicking on the photo icon when you create a topic), and make sure you write at least 3 lines.

You have from today until December 31 at 11:59pm to create a topic. Cheers to memories & the new year



  11 months ago
Happy New Year to all!!!


  11 months ago
Happy New Years to All!


  11 months ago
Memories to be remembered


  11 months ago
have a good time


  11 months ago
Happy New Year! It’s really in Spring, March 25 to be exact, but we are so programmed to follow created tradition.


  11 months ago
My favorito New Year'


  11 months ago
Every NYE since 1968 my husband and I have had open house. Sometimes we have as many as 40 and sometimes we are as small as 10. Its become a standard place to go for all our family and friends. This year was quite different, because of this darn virus our door was shut and we spent our first New Years Eve in 53 years alone. At our age it was quite difficult to stay awake until midnight, but we did it! We watched the ball drop from NYC with a crowd as big as ours. It was a sad year with so many mourning the death of loved ones, we were fortunate in not having to bare the loss of any of our family or friends. We toasted to the blessings that we have, we might not have had any family or friends with us to toast in the New Year, but we know that our loved ones are safe.


  11 months ago
My favorite New Years Eve of all time would have to be NYE 2012... I say this because i just got back from my 3rd deployment and it was my 2nd to Afghanistan, and all I wanted to do was chill out and relax on the couch at my parents house and spend NYE with my family. When i finally got to their house from the airport it was like 9 PM so I figured I would call some of my friends that new i was coming home who wanted to spend NYE with me. I felt bad but after a brutal deployment I just wanted to be home with my family where i knew i was safe. I got out my cellphone while i was entering my parents house to make the calls i was dreading when I looked up and low and behold i was surrounded by all of my family and by my friends ,some lived half way around the world, and they decided to sacrifice their plans, time and a lot of money just so I would have the NYE I wanted to have and then they multiplied it by 100. It blew my mind and melted my heart because that was the time in my life when i found out how loved I really was and how many people were in my corner at all times even when it doesn't seem like that. NYE 2013 WAS HANDS DOWN THE BEST NYE I EVER HAD!!!!


  11 months ago
I just had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. My husband proposed to me again and I said yes


  11 months ago
Have A Happy Day !
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