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  17 months ago

Bill Gates continues to criticize the US Coronavirus response

Billionaire Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft has continued to publicly call out the White House for their faulty lock downs and testing insanity saying "the country is now facing a pretty dramatic price both in human death and wasted money".

Gates says "the Covid response is muzzled by a White House that refuses to offer proper leadership during a time of crisis. You can't get the federal gov't to improve the testing because they just want to say how great it is".

He's impressed that Italy, France, Spain who had cases before the US, managed to control the epidemic from creating a second wave. In the US, they opened their bars, didn't do much in wearing masks and now those areas have become the second wave.

Gates has pledged $1.6 billion to Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization with $100 million going towards Coronavirus vaccines.

by Jeremy Blum

He's absolutely right. Poor leadership and denial from the White House is a tragedy for US citizens. It's good to see respected, trusted and influential people speaking up - although it may just fall on deaf ears of the White House. Citizens of the US really need to step up and change their own behaviours and take matters into their own hands if they are ever going to control this. Hopefully, they will be influenced by others such as Gates and disregard information and directive of their 'leader'.

Kudo's to Bill Gates for sharing his wealth and pledging to vaccines.


  17 months ago
Although he is not a politician nor a doctor, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize Trump is only concerned about his re-election and is a total science-denier among other things. His narcissism has cost so many lives, and he has the gall to say all the stupid things he keeps saying and he wants Canada to open its borders...I just have no respect for him.


  17 months ago
I would trust Bill before the politicians


  17 months ago
Bill and Melinda Gates have been involved with helping eradicate polio by providing vaccines to affected nations. He has researched his findings, unlike the US President who, on a daily basis, provides outright lies to the American people. Listen to the scientists and doctors!


  17 months ago
He IS absolutely right, and not enough people are talking about how many lives have been lost as a direct result of trump (and his administration) and their huge bungling of this pandemic! Trump's "travel ban" he loves to brag about, still let in more than 40,000 people from China anyway, and he was otherwise downplaying and flat out mocking or ignoring the virus. Had he had a unified message, implemented the things at his disposal (forcing companies to make masks, PPE, etc) send the states what they needed, enforced face masks (or at least told his idiot followers to wear them) and countless other things. But nope, he wants the stock market to be okay, so he's going to keep trying to fix that (even though it has suffered much more than was necessary had he acted better on that too!) what a disaster.

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