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  17 months ago

The City of Edmonton is offering Mask Exemption Cards to those with conditions.

As more cities introduce mandatory masks while indoor public places, tensions and paranoia have risen. Anyone not wearing a mask has faced criticism and backlash and the need to explain why they weren't wearing one. To help alleviate tensions, Edmonton has launched a new carded program for those with conditions that make it difficult to wear a mask which will identify them as being exempt.

One Edmonton Intensive Care Dr. disagrees. He believes there are actually very few people with legitimate medical exemptions.

It's not clear in the article how exemptions will be determined Councillors say that they can trust the public to ask for the card if they require one.

If they are handing the cards out to every Tom, Dick and Harry that asks for one without any type of proof to exempt them - everyone is going to ask for one. I have heard many times over and over again, even from people close to me saying ... Oh I can't wear one, it's too hard to breath or they fog up my glasses.

This does sound like a great program as long as they are legitimately given out to those that really need one - same as they do for the wheelchair parking tags for example. Give them to those with physical or mental disabilities and legitimate respiratory problems - which I would think would not be out in crowded places often in the first place for their own safety.

By Alison Bench

What do you think? Will these exempt cards work?


  17 months ago
You should have a medical form completed. But there are shields that can be worn. Apparently you can make a shield out of a 2 liter pop bottle. I don't know how well they work.


  17 months ago
Many public health experts have clearly stated that there is NO medical condition whatsoever that justifies not wearing a mask. Healthcare and retail workers wear masks and visors 9-16 hours a day and none of us are dead. At some point, suck it up is all I have to say.


  17 months ago
Completely absurd that this even happened as people can just ask for them with no proof or justification of not wearing a mask. Typically city mismanagement


  17 months ago
just wear a mask already - how hard can it be for the majority of people?


  17 months ago
I know face shields are not as effective, but if you have a medical condition perhaps a face shield? At least it gives you some room to breathe and provides a little bit of protection.


  17 months ago
I've always felt that if you have a medical condition and need an exemption from wearing a mask, perhaps you should find alternative ways to shop and limit your exposure to other people. Wearing a mask doesn't prevent you from getting sick - avoiding situations where you are putting yourself at risk is the only way to protect yourself.


  17 months ago
They have fake versions of "health canada" cards around here that are the same deal...frankly, I really don't understand what "condition this could be for" I AM a disabled person, and I have asthma, and I STILL wear a mask...a thick fabric one in fact with space for a filter inside! I just don't understand what health condition would mean you were well enough to be walking around grocery shopping or whatever, but still so sick that you could not wear a tiny swatch of material over your face? I'm legitimately asking, if there IS a condition, I'd love to know because this has been bugging me!

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