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  58 months ago

School Supplies- the old, the new, the heavy

Part of the Weekend Opinions Contest:

Post a comment indicating your opinion on school supplies. What makes sense for the little ones to carry, and what should be changed or what is obsolete?

All comments with an eloquent opinion will get 500 points. Additionally, the comment with the most likes will get a total of 5000 points.

Contest open until Monday September 18th. Points will be credited no later than Tuesday, September 19th.


  58 months ago


  58 months ago
I do believe we always needed a lot less than what the teachers asked for. My mother always made us reuse our binders, pencils, pencil case from the previous year. I don't think children should be carrying laptops on their backs, it's way to heavy and can cause back aches. A calculator would be most obsolete. Just bring your lunch, your pencils and a reading book.


  58 months ago
The most obsolete item has got to be those big pink rectangular erasers. They never did anything except tear a hole in your paper and let's be honest, they never actually erased that well anyway!


  58 months ago
School should be free


  58 months ago
They list alotta stuff ya do not. Need I usually bought the pkgs from school preordered


  58 months ago
When I was a kid, I always found that the teachers requested WAY more supplies than I ended up actually needing. I think they shouldn't be so 'supply happy', haha, and ask for a bazillion folders, duo-tangs (do they even use those anymore?!), different types of notepads, pencils, etc. I think they should ask for a couple of each thing and if necessary, more can be bought throughout the year. I feel like sometimes teachers get so excited when creating their school supply list, that they go overboard! Especially for younger kids, there really is no need for them to have to buy so many supplies, the work they do is very minimal and they are so little, it makes no sense for them to have to carry around so many things! I don't have any children, and I've been out of school for quite some time, so I don't know exactly what the teachers are asking for these days... just my 2 cents from what I do remember! :)


  58 months ago
I always loved getting my school supplies. I would pack and re-pack them into my backpack a few times before my first day of school. I always enjoy learning and school supplies where often the first step towards that, at least when I was student. Even to this day I love to stop and look at the displays in stores and imagine.


  58 months ago
School Supplies.. from calculators to protractors, not much is used anymore. Our devices all have the problem solving answers. Children don't use math kits anymore.. Even pencils are not needed.
My daughter just entered Gr11, on the first day she brought home a list of 'School Supplies' which only consisted of Paper, a Binder and 3 Pens (red, blue and black) She doesn't need pencils, a ruler nor a math kit. No calculator or note books, Nothing really.
I've noticed each year her supplies are needed less and less.. Maybe it's because she's almost done Highschool.. or because times have changed that children no longer need as much. !?!


  58 months ago
I start with the old school supplies: pencils, erasers, math flash cards, pen tips, crayons.
Then I will write about the heavy school supplies: heavy school backpack, heavy duty binder.
Finally, it will be the new supplies: Stapler and staples, tape, personal organizer, graphic calculator ... and many others.


  58 months ago
I think that most children need some basics of notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, scissors, ruler, pencil sharpener, pencil crayons, back pack, pencil case, lunch bag. These supplies don't all need to be replaced every year, things like the back pack, and lunch bag should be reused if they're in good condition. I think that schools should switch to buying the supplies in bulk to get the best prices and to promote equality among students so that everyone is working from the same supplies.
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